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How To Cure Kitten Eye Infection At Home

When topically applied, honey is known to help lessen swelling and irritation in your eye. Owners can mix two tablespoons of organic honey with two tablespoons of distilled or sterile water. Make sure to shake and stir until the honey looks like it has disappeared. Owners can put 2 to 3 drops of the solution into the infected eye twice a day. kitten eye infection home remedy - home remedies for upper respiratory infection in cats - YouTube.

Squeeze the cotton balls gently to release extra water. Hold these cotton balls on the kitten's eye. Prevent from pressing or applying the pressure on eyes. Gently wipe the cotton ball from tear duct to outer eye .wiping should be in the direction of the fur. Repeat this several times a day. How to Prevent the Spread of Infection


How To Cure Kitten Eye Infection At Home - Discount Place

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